If your nice presence

     would be discovered to me,

     the speech of my soul and heart

     would become visible by my looking...

     If it was possible to get any opportunity

     on hand, I might tell the secret of my heart,

     and my whole presence from head to foot

     would be mouth...

     I will tell you:

     - In the oven of wish and patience -

     how much flame from the burning heart

     would create a blaze to the soul...

     The lake of my tears that became damp

     by melting time,

     - if it could be made rain -

     would flow a brook of soul...

     You are not only half of my soul,

     but half of soul of all human _

     It was nice if my words were understood

     by everyone in any language...

     If you would be this kind of desired soul,

     I will give this happy message to everyone:

     By your superior moral, all bad doings of life,

     would be eliminated...

     And the result from a world of souls _

     are claiming to help each other for peace !,

     would be one uniform language _

     all over the world.

                Hashem Sharifi ( boodesh ) - April 16th 1994 - Elsinore

             Thanks to my friends, for translation

             First published in March 2006