On the lake in the garden of the library

      in the city where I live,

      there are 2 - 3 swans and a lot of ducks...

      but now it is cloudy,
      and the surface of the lake is black...

      She´s not here so, life and being _

      couldn´t be easy...

      I must have patience,

      for another day might come

      with the sun showing itself,

      shining on the town,

      and my heart would be _

      ashamed for sleeping in pessimism...

      And the blue shell of the sky,
      would create a blue-grey face of the lake
      and no more it would be harmful,

      and the day would give message of
      peace and

      My loved-one would come freely

      and satisfy my heart's desire...

      She would walk beautifully

      and find me by searching,

      and she would turn her eyes down

      in shyness...

      We would greet each other,

      and after greetings _

      she invites me to kiss her red lips

      and her blushing cheeks.

                    Hashem Sharifi ( boodesh ) - December 9th 1993 - Elsinore

                Thanks to my friends, for translation

                First published in March 2006

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