If you could be good,

     each day of your life would be Novrooz.

      Novrooz has risen,

      the pleasure of the world has arrived,

      and listen ! _

      the uproarious scene for drinking life-nectar.

      The winters frost that was killing the soul,

      became the energy for life-garden,

      and the fate became accomplished.

      The heart and the soul

      becomes drunk with wine _

      from the lips of rose-cheeked girls,

      and the frozen heart is melting.

      Take the thorns and weed of revenge

      from your heart,

      because the peace-message

      has arrived by the mild wind.

      Don't be doubtful _

      love is your choice,

      the voice has arrived,

      from everywhere…

      Try to be kind and cast off greediness,

      being affectionate to the world _

      is a double joy.

               Hashem Sharifi ( boodesh ) - March 14th 1996 - Elsinore

   *Novrooz means Iranian new year's celebration.

               Thanks to my friends, for translation

               First published in March 2006